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  • This whitepaper provides details on the components of a team project and discusses how those components may impact your decision about structuring your team projects. It also lays out a set of common strategies for employing team projects. Understanding this base of knowledge should empower you to make the best decision on how your organization will use team projects with Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • This chapter explains how you should handle source control dependencies both within and across Visual Studio solutions. A consistent approach to managing dependencies in a team environment is necessary in order to reduce build instability and ongoing source control maintenance costs.
    Dependencies include other projects, external assemblies, Web services, and databases. Dependencies inevitably change over time and as a result they impact the build process and the build order of your application. A good dependency management approach improves the integration process while making builds as seamless as possible.
    (tags: dev dotnet tfs msdn)
  • The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants was originally printed by Springer-Verlag in 1990 (second printing 1996). (See our list of known errors from the print version.) An electronic version has been produced using the original LaTeX files and digital illustrations. It is available in two versions: the original version is of higher quality, while the downsampled version is of low quality, but has a much smaller file size. To fully appreciate the book, we strongly recommend that you read the high-quality version if at all possible.

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