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  • Replacement and Capturing
    We have pairs of numbers formatted as <int>-<int>, and you want to swap each pair.
    Basically, you can capture them, and then replace them using what you captured! The syntax for the replacement string is very much like the capturing you've seen above with Perl. Here's the C# example:
  • …In this whitepaper, we’ll cover the fundamental REST design principles and show you how to build RESTful services with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the WCF REST Starter Kit, and ADO.NET Data Services.
  • Recently, the FreelanceSwitch community was asked what simple, one-line advice they would give newly minted freelancers. The result was a surprising and poignant mix of wisdom, humor, and insight on topics such as clients, money, marketing, and keeping one’s sanity. Read on for the best advice from the FreelanceSwitch community!
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