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  • Right on, this point…We should quit defending employment-based health care. The leading Republican spokesman in the House on these issues, Rep. Paul Ryan, repeatedly complained during floor debate that the Obama plan would "dump" people out of employer-provided care into the exchanges. He said that as if it were a bad thing.
    Yet free-market economists from Milton Friedman onward have identified employer-provided care as the original sin of American health care. Employers choose different policies for employees than those employees would choose for themselves. The cost is concealed.
  • …well done! Thanks to your suggestion I uninstalled the loopback adapter, reinstalled it as the last adapter, added its IP address to my hosts file, uninstalled XE, rebooted, installed XE and Voila! Ca Marche!

    …When you install a loopback adapter, the loopback adapter assigns a local IP address for your computer. After you install a loopback adapter on your computer, you have at least two network adapters on your computer: your own network adapter and the loopback adapter. Oracle Database needs to have Windows using the loopback adapter as the primary adapter.
    The primary adapter is determined by the order in which you installed the adapters: it is the last adapter installed. If you install additional network adapters after you install the loopback adapter, you need to deinstall the loopback adapter and reinstall it.

  • SQLDenis takes a look at Windows 7 Phone Development using the newly released Windows Phone Developer Tools, showing the install, and highlighting developer resources.

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March 22, 2010 at 11:02 pm

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