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  • Limbo is a new programming language, designed by Sean Dorward, Phil Winterbottom, and Rob Pike. Limbo borrows from, among other things, C (expression syntax and control flow), Pascal (declarations), Winterbottom’s Alef (abstract data types and channels), and Hoare’s CSP and Pike’s Newsqueak (processes). Limbo is strongly typed, provides automatic garbage collection, supports only very restricted pointers, and compiles into machine-independent byte code for execution on a virtual machine.
  • What follows is a set of short essays that collectively encourage a philosophy of clarity in programming rather than giving hard rules. I don't expect you to agree with all of them, because they are opinion and opinions change with the times. But they've been accumulating in my head, if not on paper until now, for a long time, and are based on a lot of experience, so I hope they help you understand how to plan the details of a program.
  • Abstract. Object-oriented languages dominate procedural languages in certain software-engineering categories, but not in others. Further progress may involve adapting and reintroducing principles that are already well understood and widely exploited in procedural languages
  • Peter and I are so happy to have everyone home for the holidays. Our four girls and their guys traveled from the north, south, east, and west to New Holstein to spend our first Christmas together in our new home.
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  • The Ten Commandments for C Programmers
    (Annotated Edition)

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