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  • Making homemade tomato sauce, applesauce and preserves is no longer a chore when you use the Squeezo Strainer. The Squeezo Strainer made by Best Products today is the same as the old Garden Way Squeezo Strainer later made by Lemra Products. Made the same as it was 25-30 years ago and still made in the USA.
  • storaging_vegetables_at_home_u_wisc.pdf
  • About Us
    The National Center for Home Food Preservation is your source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation. The Center was established with funding from the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (CSREES-USDA) to address food safety concerns for those who practice and teach home food preservation and processing methods.
  • The subject of this book is Vipassana meditation practice. Repeat, practice. This is a meditation manual, a nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step guide to Insight meditation. It is meant to be practical. It is meant for use.

    There are already many comprehensive books on Buddhism as a philosophy, and on the theoretical aspects of Buddhist meditation. If you are interested in that material we urge you to read those books. Many of them are excellent. This book is a 'How to.' It is written for those who actually want to meditate and especially for those who want to start now.

  • Factor is a new dynamic object-oriented programming language.
    It began as an embedded scripting language and
    evolved to a mature application development language. The
    language has a simple execution model and is based on the
    manipulation of data on a stack. An advanced metaprogramming
    system provides means for easily extending the language.
    Thus, Factor allows programmers to use the right
    features for their problem domain. The Factor implementation
    is self-hosting, featuring an interactive development
    environment and an optimizing compiler. In this paper, the
    language and its implementation are presented.

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