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links for 2010-09-10

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  • Per proggit, "The Key to Understanding Mercurial (and Git). A one-page explanation of how it works that makes all other documentation superfluous."
  • Excellent!…Last month we released a beta of the Microsoft Web Farm Framework. The Microsoft Web Farm Framework is a free product we are shipping that enables you to easily provision and mange a farm of web servers. It enables you to automate the installation and configuration of platform components across the server farm, and enables you to automatically synchronize and deploy ASP.NET applications across them. It also supports integration with load balancers – and enables you to automate updates across your servers so that your site/application is never down or unavailable to customers (it can automatically pull servers one-at-a-time out of the load balancer rotation, update them, and then inject them back into rotation).
  • Nice and simple…In this tutorial, I'm going to share how to create a simple modal window with jQuery. It selects all the anchor tags with name attribute set to "modal" and grab the DIV #id defined in the href and displays it as a modal window. jQuery has made everything so simple, be sure to check out the demonstrations, examples I made. It looks good 🙂
  • A light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery 1.3 and 1.4
  • FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page.
  • TopUp is an easy to use Javascript library for unobtrusively displaying images and webpages in a Web 2.0 approach of popups. The library is jQuery and jQuery UI driven in order to maintain cross-browser compatibility and compactness. TopUp offers the following advantages:
  • Use this feature-rich image viewer script to allow your visitors to selectively choose an image to view, by clicking on a link.
  • to be able to have a number of thumbnails on a page which open in a single correctly sized Window when they were clicked and then remain in the background when one continued to browse down the page. If clicked again the window should return to the same place in the foreground or if another image is clicked it should replace the previous image and again return to the same place in the foreground.
  • What this script does is adds an element to the body when you roll over a certain object. That element's appearance is predefined with css (positioned absolute and styled) so all we need to do is fill the element with content, calculate mouse position and make it move accordingly. When cursor is moved over he object, element moves with it and when cursor roll out, the element is deleted.
  • Auto-Sizing Image Popup Window Script
    Automatically Sizes Popup Window to Image
  • What is Fullsize all about? Fullsize is an attempt to get a new <IMG> attribute called fullsize into the next version of HTML. Hopefully this site will get the attention of the W3C, and they will add fullsize to HTML and make it a standard. This is an attempt to bring something truely useful to all web developers and is by no means a completely polished idea, but rather a step in the right direction. Please visit the Fullsize Google Group to add your thoughts on how you think this idea can be improved upon.
  • Installation: Step-by-step instructions for setting up the Arduino software and connecting it to an Arduino Duemilanove.

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