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  • You have the inspiration. Now you just need the know-how to bring your visions to life. See how easy it can be to create, edit, and add special effects to your movies using Windows Movie Maker.
  • There's no better way to create a mood or crank up the energy in your home movies than by adding music. If you haven't yet copied your CDs to your computer, read Quickly Rip CDs to Your Computer to learn how. With Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Movie Maker, you can add any music from your CD collection to your home movies.
  • Few video editors are as capable as PowerDirector. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 offers an easy-to-use interface, and is probably a better buy if you're also doing a lot of photo editing, due to its bundle pricing with the excellent Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. Pinnacle Studio 14 is easier to use than PowerDirector, offering a dead-simple interface that gets you started assembling clips and previewing your movie in seconds. But it's also not nearly as capable, and it doesn't include any of PowerDirector's high-end hardware optimizations. Novice users and those who value ease over power would be better off with either Premiere Elements 8 or Pinnacle Studio 14. But for power users looking for a comprehensive video editor that can meet their need for speed, CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Ultra is the clear winner.
  • Editor's Choice…Once you've got that process behind you (program start-up), however, you're all set to use the best consumer video editor out there. The main interface window is well laid out, though not very different from the prior version.
  • Those looking to move up to more serious video tricks should get our midrange Editor's Choice, Adobe Premiere Elements 8. But for entry-level video editing, Windows Live Movie Maker is my Editors' Choice.
  • This is a comparison of non-linear video editing software applications. See also a more complete list of video editing software.

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