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  • This is very useful, hard-to-find info
    …In this topic, I’ll discuss the Client events we usually need while using ModalPopupExtender. The add_shown fires when the ModalPopupExtender had shown and add_hiding fires when the user cancels it by CancelControlID,note that it fires before hiding the modal.
    (tags: dev dotnet aspnet)
  • …You should set a size limit that is appropriate for the types of files that you expect to be uploaded. The default size limit is 4096 kilobytes (KB), or 4 megabytes (MB). You can allow larger files to be uploaded by setting the maxRequestLength attribute of the httpRuntime element. To increase the maximum allowable file size for the entire application, set the maxRequestLength attribute in the Web.config file. To increase the maximum allowable file size for a specified page, set the maxRequestLength attribute inside the location element in Web.config.
  • “The government maprivy not compel a commercial ISP to turn over the contents of a subscriber’s e-mails without first obtaining a warrant based on probable cause” (.pdf), the appeals court ruled. The decision — one stop short of the Supreme Court — covers Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.
  • Ah, the Predator: Flying at up to 25,000 feet for around 20 hours at a time, the drone was supposed to be a pure surveillance aircraft. But starting in late 2000, the Clinton and Bush administrations decided to outfit the Predator with Hellfire missiles to reduce the lag time between identifying Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and attempting to take him out. Bureaucratic wrangling delayed the armament, but in November 2002, a CIA-operated armed Predator blew up a Jeep carrying some of bin Laden’s acolytes. The age of the Predator — an age of remotely piloted air war — had begun.

    Unlike the Predator, the Reaper is no accidental warrior


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